Adopt an Affirmation Habit to Skyrocket Success

I just listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast where he interviewed Scott Adams.

In case you don’t know who Scott Adams is, he is a HIGHLY successful individual. I promise you have seen some of his work already. He is the creator of Dilbert!

Anyways this post is not about praising his success, or recommending podcasts (although Tim Ferriss consistently churns out outstanding podcasts again and again) This post is about Affirmations and how incredibly effective they can be.

Scott Adams was not always successful, he wasn’t born into greatness. One of his tools he used to create success for himself was something called an Affirmation.

What is an Affirmation you ask? How can it be effective for me?

An affirmation on the outside is nothing groundbreaking. Its just a simple sentence, repeated over and over.. Until you’re brain is reprogrammed. The technique Adams used effectively to get results was:

Write a sentence such as “I Scott Adams will become a syndicated cartoonist” 15 times per day, every day.

That was an affirmation he ACTUALLY used! And we all can see the result of it, he was successful in his goal!

Pretty much by repeating this sentence over and over, you are brainwashing yourself. You are programming your subconcious to be obsessed with whatever task you set out for it. Doesn’t matter what you are working on throughout the day.. You’re subconscious will be trying to piece together ways for your reality to match the created reality in your mind.

We all know someone in our friend group who is lucky. But how can someone be more lucky than the rest of us? After all.. were all made out of meat. Richard Wiseman did a study on lucky people to see if they have some sort of special ESP. He found out that they don’t! But he did come to the conclusion that those people who think of themselves as lucky, expect to continue being lucky. These people have a stronger ability than others in recognizing opportunities in their environment. What he discovered was that when he trained people to expect luck…

Their field of perception increased and they BECAME luckier! Adams has come to this conclusion himself.. That the magic behind an affirmation is that it programs your mind to recognize OPPORTUNITY.

That’s as much of an explanation that I can give you on how affirmations work. Human brains just arent wired to comprehend everything in the universe, Affirmations is one of those things.

The bottom line though is… What do you have to loose?

All you have to do is buy a journal, write a goal you aspire to achieve 15 times at some point each day. This will take all of maybe 1-2 minutes! The wording is not so important as is the intention behind the wording. To make it as effective as possible… If your goal is “I will find a husband in the next year” Spend at least a little bit of time visualising what kind of guy you would be looking for. Haveing a clear image of our goals in our minds is KEY


Anyways here are some examples of affirmations that you could try out. Don’t expect these to work overnight though! You will need to make a commitment. Buy a journal of 180 pages and use one page per day. Work towards finishing that journal. Don’t give up to soon! If you finish that journal and still no luck… Maybe affirmations dont work for you. But what if they do!

Isnt the COMBINED 3 hours over 6 months potencially worth it for you to take a gigantic LEAP towards your goals! This is your life! YOU deserve to achieve your goals