My name is Ben and I am a self development enthusiast, avid traveler and I am on a journey of self discovery.

After graduating university, I traveled alone in South America for 8 months with the goal of learning more about myself. Through this journey I realized the 9-5 was not what I was looking for in life. This realization led me to start challenging every aspect of how we all live our lives. There is so much more to living than just what our parents and education taught us! I want to share with you what I spend hours researching and I want to help improve your life as well.

Welcome to my personal website where I blog about productivity, share what I have learned from books and talk about self-improvement.

My goal for this website is to share with you some of the strategies which have proven to be very successful for me

Feel free to send me messages about anything. Whether its your thoughts on what I’m posting or suggestions for future posts.

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope to provide value and inspiration for you

– Ben